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How Do I Keep My Inbox Empty?

Inbox Zero seems to be a big thing among business writers and time management gurus. They think that everyone should have a clean inbox every day. I would often think about this as I would stare at the hundreds of e-mails that would be in it every day. But I then discovered a way to […]

The Secret to Getting Your Legal Clients to Pay You Faster

Good cash flow is critical to a successful law practice! The sooner you get paid, the sooner you can pay your bills and yourself! But how much time do you spend chasing clients to get paid? How long does it take you, on average, to get the money? How many steps does the client have […]

Deliver High Quality Legal Services with Systems

As I’ve said elsewhere on this site: It is critical that all law firms have a system in place for everything it does; basically, it needs a user’s manual. This manual can build equity in your business and allow you to go on vacation. It can also ensure that the practice does quality work. How […]

How to Fund Your Retirement by Selling Your Solo Law Practice

When it comes to the finances of your law firm, most attorneys concentrate on two numbers: revenue and profit. Is enough money coming in, and is that money covering expenses to the point where it is putting money into your pocket every month? If so, great! But in the long run, all you are doing […]