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Stopping the Time Bandits – Part I

You must always keep in mind that time is finite. This is huge. The people that say that “time is money” have it wrong. They are not equal; they are very different. If I spend $100 of my money on something and it doesn’t work out, I can just work harder the next day to […]

Focus: The Key to Spending Less Time in the Office!

If your practice is anything like mine was, each day was a struggle to get the work done during regular working hours. You end up working late, skipping dinner, missing time with your family, and generally feeling stressed. If your practice is growing (and I hope it is), then that means more cases are coming […]

Don’t Let Yourself Be Your E-Mail Inbox’s Bitch!

Your e-mail inbox has to be one of the biggest Time Bandits in your professional practice!  It will take control of your day and cause your productivity to tank. So many attorneys and professionals I know talk about checking their e-mail first thing in the morning. Don’t do it! Once you go to your Inbox, […]