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Take Your Solo Law Practice to the Next Level

Get better and more profitable clients,  run more efficiently, make more money, and be home in time for dinner!

Time Management

Get a better mindset about your time, regain control of it, capture and organize projects and daily tasks, and create automations to get more done in less time with my coaching programs!


Everyone wants more of the right clients, customers, or patients in order to grow and make more money! I help solo practices redirect their marketing efforts towards attracting and converting more of them!

Business in the Cloud

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits (and sometimes necessities) of becoming virtual. I help solo professionals to reduce overhead, move to a distributed work force, and truly work from anywhere!

What I Can Do For You

Move far beyond where you are in your solo professional practice by leveraging these services for more effective and targeted marketing, along with efficiencies that will allow you to lower costs, increase profits, and do more in less time!

Customer Targeting

Working with you to define your ideal client, patient, or customer, then focus your marketing to attract that prospect and repel those that are not ideal.

Systems & Automation

Build systems and automations that increase efficiency, insure consistency in the delivery of services, and regain time to expand your practice and profits.


Assisting you in writing ad copy that converts, both on and offline, and speaks to your ideal customer, client, or patient. Inform and educate your prospects, while building trust!

Paperless Workflows

Reduce overhead and increase efficiency with systems that eliminate the need for paper documents and allow you to conduct business from anywhere.

Campaign Building

Helping you to design better e- and snail-mail campaigns that work to get prospects that reach out to you to buy, and then buy again on a regular basis!

Cloud Technology

Go beyond being paperless with systems that allow you to have a distributed workforce, employ platform-independent software solutions, and integrate said solutions to create greater efficiencies!

Key Features

Let's talk about improving your solo law practice . . .

What professional practices do you work with?

I work primarily with attorneys (because I am one), but my systems and coaching work with physicians, accountants, and engineers. They are service-based information marketers.

Do you handle the tech and IT support for your systems?

No. I assist solo professionals in leveraging their present technology through my systems and methods, or recommend better and more effective technology than what they presently have. I leave the IT support for the specific hardware and software to the experts in those items.

Do you do training?

Yes. I offer training of personnel in the implementation of my systems and methods into their practices. As hardware and software varies greatly from practice to practice, I cannot and do not offer training in their specific use.

Get Even More Help from My Book!

Wouldn’t you rather have a practice that makes you more money with the expenditure of less money and effort? Wouldn’t you like to get off that endless hamster wheel that is your professional legal practice and make more money with less effort?

If so, then you need the skills and systems that this book will teach you. People that I have helped in the past and solo practices that I’ve seen thrive, have used them to achieve more and reach their goals! You can too!

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Know Who I am

About Me

I use an approach that starts by guiding you through a process to free up time, then showing you how to use that time more efficiently and profitably through better, more effective marketing that targets your ideal client, patient or customer.

I’ve been there; I’ve done that! A solo professional with no staff that learned to do more and make more, with a lot less, to become successful!

Are You Looking For A Speaker For Your Next Live (Or Virtual) Event, Or Guest On Your Podcast?

If so, I would love to do it. For over a decade, I have loved talking about business, marketing, time management, and leveraging technology that makes entrepreneurs more efficient and profitable. So if you want your audience or listeners to learn some really transformational stuff in a fun and entertaining way, then I’m sure I’ll be a good fit.

Podcast Appearances


Find out from the professionals I have worked with how I can help you make your solo practice take off!

Tyson Franklin Podiatry Business Consultant

Steve is a solo-attorney and entrepreneur who has walked the walk and can show you exactly what you need to do, step by step to achieve the success you truly deserve. You’ll find Steve’s no nonsense approach to business is extremely refreshing.

Tom Foster CEO, Foster Web Marketing

My good friend and long time client Steve Richardson has exploded his solo law practice because he has very smartly created marketing processes that work really well by attracting, converting, and retaining only the best kinds of clients for his firm. The guy is a genius and can help any lawyer achieve the same and maybe even better success.

David M. Frees, Esq. Founder, Business Black Ops

Steve Richardson is a very rare talent. He created and grew a true solo practice, from scratch. His years of building and enhancing that practice while providing real value and great service to his clients has given him an even rarer insight into what that takes and how to do it… day in and day out. So whether you’re looking for accountability for change and growth, strategic guidance, or new but proven tactics that work to build, market, or run a small or solo practice, Steve’s knowledge and coaching might be exactly what you’re searching for. If you’ve been thinking about making changes and calming the chaos now may be the moment to take that first step. Call Steve.

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