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Moving to the Cloud

More and more professional practices (particularly law firms and accountants) are becoming virtual, especially after the pandemic. They are realizing real savings in overhead by reducing or eliminating their physical footprint. As a solo professional, being virtual allows you to work from anywhere, and thus be more efficient. In addition, research has shown that your potential clients are expecting you to be virtual.

Wouldn’t you like the flexibility and ability to:

  • Come home in time for dinner and to spend time with your spouse and kids, then get some work done after they’re in bed?
  • Deal with a small problem while on vacation to keep it from being a big problem when you get back?
  • Reduce the time and overhead of maintaining paper files and records, thus working less and making more money with lower overhead?

Being virtual means spending less money on office space, supplies, phone systems, and the like. Once you become virtual, the only problem you will have will be finding ways to spend the money you save! How would you spend it?

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