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Marketing Directly to Your Ideal Client

How much time would you say you waste every day taking calls from people who are not right for your firm or, and the very least, are less than ideal? They call because they “just have a question,” or they’re price shopping, or they’re tire kickers? Others may bring in lucrative work, but you can tell just from talking to them that they would be a nightmare to work with.

Wouldn’t you much rather have a potential customer call you that:

  • Already knows that they need your product or service
  • See the value of it for the price you charge
  • Can afford to pay for it
  • Is already ready to hire you?

By having clarity on who your ideal client is and writing content to attract them, you will get more calls from good prospects, as well as repel the, shall we say, “less than ideal” client.

I can help you to craft marketing campaigns that speak directly to your ideal client, while repelling the bad or “less than ideal.” It starts with having clarity on the characteristics of that ideal client and then letting those characteristics improve your marketing copy.

Want to know more? Just shoot me an e-mail at steve@stevenjrichardson.com to schedule a free practice evaluation to see if I can help!

Want to get started now? Then download my Marketing Clarity Kit. It comes with a one-page worksheet you can use to take the 4 key steps to identifying your perfect client, along with some examples to get you started. Feel free to print it out and use it many times to build avatars for each of your practice areas!

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