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Where Does the Time Go?

That is a question I used to ask myself every day around 5pm. I was going to get so much done, but with all of the interruptions and things that cropped up, I didn’t even accomplish half of items on my to-do list! This was especially tough, as I didn’t have a secretary or paralegal to take on some of the tasks for me; I was doing it all!

That was before I finally went onto the offensive and took dominion over my time! I, and nobody else, was going to be the one that would determine how I spent those 8 hours in my work day. I then gained control of the tasks I had to do and the projects I had to complete, and blocked the necessary time to do them

Suddenly, I was checking off everything on my daily to-do list and feeling a great sense of accomplishment at 5pm, instead of frustration. Having accomplished that myself, I wanted to pass on the methods that I used to get there, so that other solo professionals like me could have that sense of accomplishment and do more with their day. I now help my clients to:

  • get a better mindset about their time
  • regain control of their time from others that are determined to steal it
  • capture and organize projects and daily tasks to maintain control of their practice, and
  • create automations to get more done in less time!

If you want to do more with the time you have, then schedule a call with me (I don’t take unscheduled incoming calls – don’t you wish you could?) by clicking here. You could also shoot me an e-mail at steve@stevenjrichardson.com to schedule a free practice evaluation to see if I can help!

My time management program is priced such that you can easily pay for it many times over with the revenue you will generate from your greater efficiency. Take action now and start making more money! You’ll be glad you did!