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5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Quality Leads from Your Web Site

So you have a killer web site with tons of content that ranks with Google to the point where you are getting lots of traffic and (more importantly) people that reach out to you (calls, e-mail, contact forms on your landing pages). But you are finding that these leads aren’t very good, and they aren’t converting to lucrative, paying clients. They are:

    • Just looking for information (tire kickers)
    • Can’t afford to pay your fee
    • Don’t have a good enough case from a liability or damages standpoint)
    • Price sensitive and don’t value the services you provide

As you bang your head against your desk, you wonder: what am I doing wrong? I do all this work on my web site, but I don’t get quality clients that make the effort worthwhile!

Well, you need to consider these five things that you must change to get better results.

1. Your Website Doesn’t Describe What You Do (and More Importantly Don’t Do)

You don’t want every Potential Client out there; you want the good ones the contact that you put on your website should speak specifically too, that client that you want to represent. In other words, if you want leads that you are looking for, tell those leads what you’re looking for.

Your website should present, in an organized fashion, each and every one of your practice areas, with landing pages for each one that explains it in detail. If geographic location is important, then make sure that you stay that you only represent people that reside in that area.

In essence, do you want the content on your website to attract people that have legal needs to fit with your specific practice areas, and repel those that don’t.

2. You Don’t Tag and Segment Your Leads

You also want to communicate effectively with those people that do reach out to you. Hopefully, you are putting these leads from your website contacts into a contact relationship management (CRM) tool, like Active Campaign, InfusionSoft, or MailChimp. This list can be critical to your success, as it allows you to market to these people, either through email or snail mail, in a way that educates them, builds your authority in that area of the law, and compels them to retain you.

Any good CRM allows you to tag contacts, so use them strategically to segment your list in such a way that you are sending them information that speaks directly to their legal needs. This will make them much more likely to respond.

3. You Aren’t Writing Web Site Content for Your Perfect Client.

If you don’t have a clear idea of the kind of clients you want, your web site content is going to reflect that. You will attract both the good and the bad, instead of attracting the good and repelling the bad. Every time you sit down to write content (or your marketing person does), you need to ask: who are we writing this for?

You can get more information on getting clarity on your ideal client here or  download my Marketing Clarity Kit.

4. You Don’t Tell Site Visitors to Take Action

It’s not enough to have a great piece of content that educates your site visitors and builds your authority; you need to tell them what to do! You need to urge them to take action, not click on to something else (or worse, another lawyer’s site)! This is called a Call to Action (CTA), and it’s usually bifurcated (i.e. it gives them two choices):

    • Call now to schedule an appointment
    • If you’re not ready yet to hire a lawyer, here’s more information in the form of a free download (which requires they give you contact information)

Having a “Call Now” CTA won’t work for those not ready to pull the trigger, so having the alternative is a Plan B for getting their contact information.

A CTA can also help attract the good clients and repel the bad ones. For example, in my bankruptcy practice, my content always has something like,

“If you live in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem or Cumberland County, New Jersey, have decided that you need to file bankruptcy, and are ready to take action by hiring a lawyer, then call for an appointment.”

So it repels those not in my service area, those “just thinking about bankruptcy,” and those who haven’t decided to hire an attorney.

5. You Aren’t Nurturing the Good Leads You Get

You might get a good lead, but they just aren’t ready to take action yet. They may have been ones that got the free download, but didn’t call. Most attorneys would simply wait for that person to get back to them when they are ready to hire a lawyer. This is a huge mistake! Don’t make it.

What do you need to do is stay in contact with that lead, nurturing them along and staying top of mind with them, so that when they’re ready to hire, a lawyer, they will contact you. If you want them to turn into clients, you sometimes have to play a long game and nurture them along.

For 5 rules to ensure success in your nurturing campaign, check out this article.

Need Help?

Does your web site and e-mail campaigns need a checkup? Would you like to get advice for your specific situation based on these 5 points? Then just click here to schedule an initial call to discuss your needs and schedule a coaching session to get started.

You can also download my Marketing Clarity Kit to get started.

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