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Coming Up with Law Firm Web Site Content: The Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Coming up with ideas for content can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are just starting out with your web site, then there is most likely a plethora of topics you can talk about. But after a while, after you have written about all of the obvious stuff, you can be left scratching your head, staring at a blank page on a legal pad, wondering what to write down.

Believe me, I feel your pain! I’ve gone through this myself, especially since my law firm web site now has over 600 separate pieces of content! I have asked myself, “What more is there to talk about?” But over the years, I have discovered some tricks to finding ideas and topics, and unlock my brain to new ways to create content. The one I want to talk about here is the Brain Dump.

What do Clients Ask You All the Time?

When you are first starting out, it is much easier. You haven’t really written about much of anything yet! So the best thing to do at this stage is to do a brain dump. Take pen to legal pad and write down all of the questions you get from clients in all of your practice areas. These are the ones you answer in just about every consultation, whether it is the initial intake one or in subsequent meetings with the client after you have taken the case.

After you have written down everything you can think of, put it aside and do it again tomorrow. Sometimes in those intervening 24 hours ideas occur to you. Try again and write down more. Once you come up dry again, if you have a secretary or paralegal, bring them into the process. Bouncing ideas off someone else in a brainstorming session often shakes loose other ideas.

FAQs Are the Best Kind of Legal Content

What I love about this process is that what you are writing down are Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs. These, in my opinion, are the best kinds of content because your potential clients are most likely typing their questions, worded as questions, directly into Google. Thus all you have to do is play Jeopardy and phrase your answer in the form of a question. Ask the questions they are typing into the search window and then answer them!

FAQs form a great basis for content on your law firm’s web site.  They show your potential clients that you have the answers to their questions and can help them with their legal problem. This builds authority and shows you to be the lawyer best able to represent them.

Need Help with Your Content?

As I mentioned earlier, I have written hundreds of pages of content for my law firm’s web site over the past 10+ years! I know how hard it can be to come up with good ideas and writing them in such a way as to convert my web site’s visitors to clients. If you’re stuck, I can help you too!

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