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How Having Systems in Your Law Firm Can Help You Take a Vacation!

I have a question for you: When was the last time you took a vacation? When was the last time a vacation was more than just a long weekend? Yeah, that’s what I thought! You’re so busy trying to take care of your clients and make a living that you don’t have any time to take care of yourself! You’re trapped in your office because you believe that you are the only one that can do anything on a file, so if you were not to come in to work, everything would come to a grinding halt.

The Answer Is Systems

Luckily, I also have an answer for you. If your practice is such that you feel that if you ever left it it would fall apart, only having clearly defined systems for everything that happens in your practice is going to change that. But having systems means that you have to delegate tasks to others, so that they can then follow the clearly defined steps in the system.

Delegating is not easy to do because we, as lawyers, tend to be control freaks. But having systems in place makes it much easier for we, as control freaks, to delegate tasks to others. In those systems, if the steps are properly laid out, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task, and more importantly, how we would complete it.

This not only makes you more comfortable that it will be done correctly by someone else, but also makes the staff person more comfortable because they know, as long as they follow the steps you have laid out, they will do the job correctly and not be criticized for doing it incorrectly.

Systems Free Up Time to Take Off for Vacations

Having an “Owner’s Manual” for your law practice is transformative. Delegating your work to people that can follow a well laid out system is the only true way of having a law practice and a life.

In his book, The Four-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris points out the importance of being able to remove yourself from your business. If your business is able to run without you, then you can generate revenue that isn’t tied to your time. You can then use that newly freed up time in other ways, like going on vacation!

Plus You’re Never That Far from the Office

In addition, if your practice is in the cloud, you are able to work from anywhere. You can check in once per day from your laptop while on vacation just to make sure everything is running smoothly (I do this every time I go on vacation, and it de-stresses me). However, if you have good people, well trained in your systems, they should know what to do 90 to 95% of the time, and not need your input.

Don’t Know Where to Begin?

I know; it’s a daunting task to write an owner’s manual for your practice. If you need  guidance and/or assistance along the way, I’m here to help. My coaching program provides a great resource for creating these systems that can make your practice run more smoothly, allow you to build equity, and enable you to retire some day!

Give me a call at 856-345-9699 or shoot me an e-mail to discuss how I can help!

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