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Signing the Potential Client Who Wants to Shop Around

So you’ve done the consultation with a client, do you think you’ve done a bang up job of converting them, everything went perfectly, and then . . .

They said, “we’re talking to other attorneys. We’ll let you know when we’ve made a decision.”

Ouch! You thought you had them! You thought they were going to sign up on the spot! So what do you do? Do you wait to hear back from them? Do you follow up in a couple of weeks?

How’s that been working for you?

Do you want to know a killer tactic to convert more potential clients who would otherwise walk away? Grab more money from the table? Read on!

Why Won’t They Commit?

This need to shop around is a form of sales resistance, and you need to recognize it as such. But why are they resistant? Well, there is one possible reason it continues to come up for you in your initial conversations, and you may not want to hear it:

Chances are they’re reacting to how you’re selling, not to what you’re selling.

Psychologically, the potential client is approaching their legal issues the same way people shop for a car: they want to visit a few car lots to get an idea of what they want. This is because they have an idea what they want, but no insight into what they need.

How Do You Turn the Tables?

So, what do you say in response? Well, Ari Galper, a recognized authority on trust-based selling, suggests:

“May I ask, what is the criteria that’s most important to you, which you feel is a requirement, to finding the attorney you want to work with? If you were to boil it down to one thing, what would that be?”

Then provide that requirement!

By asking them that, you’ll push them out of their disengaged mindset. This is not what they would expect someone to ask them when they give this reason for not committing. It should surprise them into giving you an honest answer that you can refute and close the sale. According to Galper, this is your best chance at recovering a potentially lost sale.

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