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Your Law Firm’s Google Business Profile is Your Key to Success

Online marketing for your solo law practice is a constantly changing landscape. As soon as you get one thing perfected, there are two more things (at least) that you should be doing. Unfortunately, that is the case for your law firm’s web site.

Google Business Profile

Google has been pushing its Business Profiles (GBP), formerly known as your Google My Business (GMB) page. If you haven’t claimed the one for your practice (or created one, if Google hasn’t already), then you need to now. For instructions on how to do it, click here.

Why is your GBP so important? Several reasons!

    • Google uses it as part of local search, so that it can serve up relevant results when someone searches for “bankruptcy attorneys near me.”
    • It’s where your Google reviews are located, and where you want them to be found.
    • Google uses it to rank your web site in searches, especially for Local Service Ads

In some ways, your GBP page is more important than your web site. If you don’t believe me, just do a search for any business (particularly on your phone). Oftentimes the GBP will be the first thing to show up at the top (on your phone) or to the right (on your computer screen).

GBP Shows Essential Info for Your Law Practice

You also want to have a fully fleshed out GBP because you want the visitor to see as much about you as possible when you come up. The GBP for my law practice includes my:

    • Office hours
    • Address & Phone Number
    • A link to schedule an appointment
    • A link to my web site
    • FAQs I’ve answered

You can also add photos of your offices, staff, etc., to make it more friendly. People can post questions that you can answer or (and I do this every week), you can post questions and then answer them yourself. Who knows, maybe you will have the answer to the visitor’s question that will lead to them calling you!

GBPs and Web Sites Go Hand in Hand

Your GBP can help boost your web site in search, and a robust web site can add authority to your GBP. You should update both regularly to ensure success in your online marketing. I make sure I post an answer to an FAQ every week, and try to link it back to my site.

You should post content (pictures, FAQs, and the like) to your GBP as often as you do to your web site.

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