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An Easy 5 Step Process for Writing Powerful Website Content!

Running a busy law practice can make it very difficult to carve out the time necessary to post content to your website on a regular basis. This is especially true when all the SEO experts are telling you that you need to add content at least once a week in order to rank with Google. But how do you find the time?

My friend and podiatry business coach Tyson Franklin told me about a great system he has for doing just that. It has one basic premise: don’t try to do it all at once. Take your time and spread it out over the course of a week.

Your Weekly Blogging Plan

In fact, each post can be written in these five steps, breaking down the process during the week and having you posting the new content on Friday. This will make it much easier to come up with small blocks of time during each day instead of one big block labeled “Write Blog Post.”

Day 1 (Monday): Come Up with an Idea

The first day, Monday, should be limited to coming up with content ideas. You really only need to come up with one, but if you find yourself on a roll coming up with several of them, that’s even better. It will save you time later.

I have found that coming up with the topic itself is often the most difficult part of the process. If you can mark that “done” on the first day of the week, that can be very motivating.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Come Up with Some Subtopics

Now that you have a topic (or two, or three), on Tuesday, you should think of anywhere from 4 to 6, subtopics (or dot topics) that will break down the overall subject for the reader, while at the same time making it easier for you to write.

Fortunately, there are certain topics that lend themselves to this. For example, if your topic is “Five Ways to Screw Up Your Auto Accident Case,” then your dot points are going to be each of the five ways. Even outside the “Top 10 List” content format, most topics do breakdown into sub parts, and organizing them that way can make it easier for the reader to understand.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Write 50 Words for Each Subtopic

Then, on Wednesday, go through the dot points and write 50 words or so on each one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 50 words, though; it can be 20 to 30. The point here is to get down your initial thoughts in writing to flesh out the article further. The details can come later.

Day 4 (Thursday): Flesh Out Each Paragraph – But Don’t Edit

Now that you have the topic, several subtopics, and a general discussion of each, on Thursday you can go back and flesh it out more. Add details and particulars, putting more flesh on the bones of the article, but once you do that, don’t go back and edit it.

Editing takes a lot of mental energy, and you don’t want to burn out as you come down to the finish line. If you are using a speech to text app and dictating it, just do a detailed brain dump to expand on what you wrote on Wednesday.

Day 5 (Friday): Edit and Upload the Article

Then on Friday, fresh on a new day, you edit the article and tighten it up. If you dictated the article, be sure to read it carefully, as the typos aren’t always that evident. Spell check won’t find them if the wrong words are spelled correctly.

You should also look at the keywords you want to be found for in search, and make sure that they are used properly in your article, not only in the body, but in the headings and subheadings as well.

Once edited, give the article one final polish and upload it to your website. Follow this plan, and you will find yourself regularly posting new content to your website every Friday. Google will love you for it!

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Want Help?

Writing informative, educational, and search friendly content that will convert visitors to your website into clients for your firm takes time to learn and do effectively. I’ve been doing this for the past 15 years, and I can assure you, it’s a process!

However, it shouldn’t take you nearly that long. If you want a headstart on the learning process and hit the ground running, generating fresh content every week for your website, then feel free to reach out by clicking here to schedule an initial call. We can discuss your needs and talk about a content writing program that will up your game and make your website far more effective.


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