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Getting More Clients to Retain You Through Storytelling

People love a good story, and they’re more likely to remember what they are told if it is communicated in that format. In addition, people make economic decisions, emotionally, and then justify them logically. If you’ve ever made an expensive purchase of something you just had to have and then had to justify, the expenditure to your spouse, you know what I’m talking about.

So your marketing has to play to their emotions and has to speak in their language. Don’t tell them about what you do, how you do it, and how many years of experience you have doing it; identify clearly, the real problem you are solving for the person.

In Your Slogans

You can do this in both what is called “short form “and “long form “communication a good example of short form communication would be a slogan. There are several examples of this:

    • For personal injury, it’s not just we recover millions of dollars, it’s we help you get your life back.
    • For workers’ comp, it’s not just we fight the insurance company, it’s we help you get your bills paid and get back to work.
    • For estate planning it’s not we give you peace of mind, it’s we save you money on taxes.
    • For business law it’s not we create contracts and agreements, it’s we help you create a business that serves you.

What your audience of potential clients really want is confidence that they’re going to get what they need in the end. They don’t really care about the “how”.

In Your Stories

One very effective way of telling a story is through the results section of your website in which you talk about instances in which you helped particular clients. This is, of course, with their permission, and without personal confidential information. These stories describe their exact problems, how the problems impacted them, their experience in working with a law firm and the results they got. That is an impactful marketing message.

But it is critically important that you tell the story and their words, because those are the words that will most likely resonate from the potential clients that read the stories. But how do you identify these problems and how you’re solving them for people? Simple, you just ask them.

At the end of the case, do an exit interview with a client and asked them the six basic questions:

The first opportunity you have to request feedback from a satisfied client, use the following questions. You will get a much more powerful testimonial. Plus you will understand what problem you’re truly solving and how you are transforming lives.

    1. What would they say to someone who is thinking about working with you?
    2. What was going on in your client’s business or life before they found you? What had they tried? And how was it working?
    3. How did they find you?
    4. Did they have any doubts or fears about working with you? If so, what did you do to make those doubts go away and work with you?
    5. What was the first big “Wow” or immediate ROI or positive outcome they experienced after working with you? How long did it take to happen?
    6. What are the top three biggest “Before and After” transformation stories they can share?

The answers you get can then form the basis of your marketing message and can make for great website content.

Tell a story with the answers that will resonate with your prospects and compel them to retain you to solve their problem.

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