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7 Bamboo Principles to Make Your Practice Unbreakable

If the pandemic has taught us nothing else, it’s that shit happens. Everything can be going great, and then you get blindsided by the unexpected, and your practice is in jeopardy. In order to survive, you have to be nimble. You have to, in the latest business cliche, pivot. You have to see it coming and be prepared.

There is a reason the ancient Japanese built their homes with wood and paper. Because there were frequent earthquakes, and if their home collapsed, it was less likely to kill them and much simpler to clear and rebuild. There is also a saying by Abraham Lincoln: “Be the bamboo in the wind, which bends but does not break.”

Be the Bamboo

A good friend and fellow law firm coach Charley Mann recently talked on this and suggested 7 ways to “be the bamboo” and be flexible in the face of adversity. They are:

    1. Always Build the Future Bank. In other words, grow your list. I have talked in other posts about the importance of your “list,” those people who raised their hands and wanted to hear more from you. They’re your growing herd of people paying attention to you, so they are much easier to sell to on an ongoing basis. If you have a new practice area, you can tell them about it and, if you’ve been curating your list regularly, you can segment it to deliver a message tailored just for them.
    2. Create Compound Interest. But it’s not enough just to have your list; you must nurture it on a regular basis. You must communicate frequently with them. This is something on which Charley and I differ. He sends 4-8 emails per week, which I believe is too much, but that is a decision you have to make for yourself. He also posts on LinkedIn 3-7 times per week, which stresses the importance of having a presence on social media. It doesn’t have to be LinkedIn, but it does have to be the online social space where your potential clients can be found.
    3. Simplicity Done Well. We all tend to chase the latest “bright shiny object” that comes along, convinced that it is the path to making more money. Instead, focus on doing the ordinary in an extraordinary way. This will set yourself apart from your competition and make you the choice to hire, even in tough times.
    4. Learn When to Say No (Set Boundaries). I’ve spoken before on the power of the word no, which is a word you need to say if you are going to concentrate on things that really matter to your business and its flexibility. Be focused.
    5. Maximize the Main Enterprise. Stop trying to expand into the next practice area without getting the most out of your current ones. It is easier to build and strengthen what you have than to build out a whole new area with systems and workflows. Get all the juice from the squeeze before buying a new orange.
    6. Take Care of Your Current Customers. You have already spend the time, effort, and money to get your current clients. They know, like, and trust you (hopefully), and can be encouraged to refer others to you. Nurture them. At the same time, you shouldn’t ignore building your list in order to take care of your current clients. Do both.
    7. Messaging for Your Client, Not for You. Your marketing should be about the potential client, not you. Avoid language in your marketing and advertising that talks about you, your years of experience, where you went to law school, etc. Instead, highlight the problems of your ideal client and, as Donald Miller discusses in his book StoryBrand, make them the Hero. You are the Guide.

So those are 7 ways you can remain flexible and unbreakable going forward, and in the face of adversity. Practice these tips and build on them, and your practice will be far more likely to bend than break.

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